Best CBD oil 15% / 1500 mg 2023 – Full Spectrum CBD

CBD oil 15% is a type of oil with a substantial concentration of the cannabinoids that are beneficial for one’s health. It has much higher concentration of CBD compared to other types of oils. CBD oil has come a long way since it was first released, now there is an enhanced version with better hemp extract and advanced technology to make the oil more effective.

CBD oils can provide powerful relief for those suffering from chronic conditions or even something as minor as a headache. Their anti-inflammatory properties make them highly effective in reducing pain and inflammation, leading to improved overall health. Proponents of CBD oil claim that it should be part of your daily regime. It’s best to begin with a low dose and increase gradually to suit your individual needs and observe the effects on your wellbeing.

CBD oil has been known to give some users a feeling of alertness, similar to the one one usually experiences when drinking coffee. Simultaneously, CBD oil can be extremely useful for reducing anxiety and aiding with sleeping troubles by promoting balance and harmony in the body. CBD oil with 15% concentration contains 1500mg of CBD, making it a stronger dose than oils with the same extract but lower concentration. It is equally important to examine quality when dealing with CBD oils of both lower and higher concentrations. Careful analysis should be done to ensure the best product possible. We’ll be highlighting some of the more potent CBD oil products below. Having said that, with the many options available in terms of quality and quantity, it can be tricky to pick the right one for you.

Consumers in the EU should be aware that CBD oils sold there have undergone stringent checks and tests to ensure their high quality and safety. Furthermore, they are free of THC, the intoxicating substance commonly found in regular cannabis. CBD products that contain no traces of THC are legal and considered as dietary supplements or alternative medicine in many countries. These products don’t cause any drug-like effects due to the absence of THC. To cater to those who have the highest standards, we have here compiled a list of three 15% CBD oils that are considered to be the best in the market.


Top 3 CBD oil 15% / 1500 mg

  1. Natural Hemp Life CBD Oil Full Spectrum 15%
  2. Cibdol – Full spectrum CBD oil 15%
  3. Nordic Oil – CBD Oil 15% (1500 mg CBD)

1. Natural Hemp Life – Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 15%

  • 1500 mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids
  • For those who want a lot of CBD
  • Most bioavailable CBD extract

The cbd oil of Natural Hemp Life is a great investment due to its high potency – with each drop containing 7.5mg of CBD, it’s well worth the higher price tag of over 100 Euros. This product is free from any contaminants or impurities, giving you a pure and clean oil that surpasses all industry standards. This product is made with 100% organic hemp oil, with no added chemicals or preservatives. It is a totally natural and environmentally friendly solution. This bottle contains only pure, natural CBD with no traces of THC. What’s even more reassuring is that the contents meet their advertised claims of being pure, natural and effective.

The patented process of extracting hemp extract from oil unlocks the full potential of hemp. This makes it possible to maximize benefits with even the smallest amount of oil. A recommended starting dosage for many is to take one drop under the tongue, twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. CBD oil is known for its slightly bitter taste, but this oil has a nutty flavor that many find more palatable. It’s an enjoyable taste that sets it apart from other oils on the market. To eliminate the taste of bitterness from hemp plants, chlorophyll content is removed in the processing stage. Full Spectrum 15% CBD oil is a great supplement to add to your diet. It may help with milder forms of discomfort, as well as more persistent issues like chronic pain or anxiety. Taking it could be worth it for the relief you might receive.

2. Cibdol – Full-spectrum CBD oil 15%

  • 15% CBD, 1500mg per bottle
  • Extra easily absorbed by the body
  • Completely THC-free
  • Guaranteed CBD content

Cibdol’s CBD oil contains 1500mg of CBD per bottle. This product is ideal for users who are looking for an upgrade from a lower-grade oil and want to experience improved performance. Cibdol suggests using 15% oil in the morning and a potent version at night for best results. Hemply Balance is committed to providing the optimal hemp experience by using only the best and most potent parts of the hemp plant, including trichrome-rich flowers and leaves. This extraction process is special as it produces CBD hemp oil that has a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, but no traces of THC.

3. Nordic Oil – Full-spectrum CBD Oil 15%

  • 1 drop 7.5mg CBD
  • A full bottle contains 10 ml and gives approx. 200 drops
  • Total CBD content of 1500mg

This oil is a special blend of natural and organic premium hemp and pure olive oil, which is specifically crafted to meet the requirements of humans. Combining cbd oil with olive oil increases the phenol content of the mixture as olive oil is a rich source of them. Phenols are organic compounds that are often added to oil to improve its texture and extend the shelf life of the product. They give oil a unique quality which other ingredients can’t replicate. Nordic Oil’s CBD Oil 15% is specially crafted to give you the beneficial properties of CBD without any THC and impurities by using an advanced extraction process. To guarantee the quality of the product that reaches the customers, it goes through various filtration stages to make sure any undesired substances have been removed.

Despite this filtration process, the other cannabinoids naturally present in the CBD oil have not been affected. This has led to the formation of a potent, beneficial oil which can have positive effects on one’s mental and physical health. The golden yellow bottle with an attractive label gives off an aura of quality and eco-consciousness, which is something we highly appreciate. The product has been awarded with several certifications, testifying to its quality and authenticity. It is evident that this CBD oil is of premium quality which can be beneficial for improving your overall health and well-being.

Buying guide for CBD oil 15%

Before deciding on a 15% CBD oil, it’s helpful to do some research and be fully informed. Knowing the key factors to look for can help you find the best option. It is evident that the desired outcome will depend on the amount of percentage present. CBD is available in different concentrations, with the highest dose being ideal for those who don’t want to be taking it as frequently. Oils are one of the most common forms that feature higher doses of CBD and provide great results. If you don’t want to take an oil with a higher dosage, then it is possible to get the same results by taking a lower dose with more frequency. Taking it in a larger dose also can achieve the same effect. Individuals who pick a CBD oil with a 15% concentration can experience a strong impact with only one drop. This advantage makes it an ideal choice for those seeking maximum effects. However, too much CBD can be a bad thing, and it is possible to take too much of it. Taking smaller doses of CBD can help avoid this risk.

When you’re taking 15% CBD oil, make sure to strictly follow the recommended dosage instructions. It’s best to start with a lower dose and then gradually increase if necessary. Consuming high amounts of CBD can potentially cause some digestive distress or make you feel extra tranquil. While the feeling of peace can be appealing, it is not always a good thing if you need to go to work or remain focused on something important. It is important to note that pure and natural CBD, regardless of its potency, does not cause any adverse effects. In other words, taking CBD won’t make you sick or hurt you. Normally, CBD oil potency levels are around 5%, though some products may go as high as 50%. Recently, there has been an increase in the availability of oils that have 15% potency levels – higher than the usual. Experienced CBD users can benefit from using CBD oil 15%, while those just starting out should invest in a lower concentration to prevent any adverse reactions.


We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions regarding CBD oil 15% to provide you with more detailed information about the product. Read on for answers.

What is the dosage for CBD oil 15%?

For effective results, it is advisable to take two drops of CBD oil on a daily basis in the beginning. For best results, it is suggested that you take one drop of the solution sublingually in the morning and the other in the evening. Gradually increase the dose, but do not exceed the recommended amount. Taking more than 2-3 drops of any substance a day is not recommended and could lead to unwanted side effects. Therefore, it’s best to stick to the original dose and not increase it beyond 2-3 drops.

Can beginners start with a 15% CBD oil?

Even novices can begin with CBD products that have a higher percentage of the compound, but it’s important to be mindful when determining dosage amounts. Overdosing should be avoided at all times. To begin with, it is recommended to take one drop of the medication daily to observe its effect. If you require a higher dosage, you can gradually increase it up to two drops per day. If you’re just getting started with CBD oil, we suggest you begin with a 5% concentration. For further information on the topic, check out our article – ‘What is CBD Oil?’

Does CBD oil 15% contain dangerous or illegal substances?

No, CBD oil of this percentage has gone through filtration processes to make sure all traces of THC and other contaminants have been removed, thus providing a high-quality product. No matter what CBD oil percentage you use, make sure it’s pure and preferably organic. Synthetic additives might impair the beneficial effect of the oil, so always look for an organic product. Even though expensive oils may look like they’re of better quality, they don’t always necessarily have to be superior to those that are much cheaper in price. When choosing a CBD oil, it is important to consider what type of oil is the best option. Do you want it to only contain CBD or do you prefer different extracts like olive oil or turmeric included in the product? Consuming turmeric or other natural remedies may help to alleviate the symptoms of diseases such as rheumatism. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties that they possess, which can be beneficial when it comes to conditions causing joint pain and inflammation.


We hope that you have gained more knowledge on 15% CBD oil through this article. I’m emphasizing that this is a superior-quality CBD oil without any traces of THC, the active compound in hemp which causes the drug-like effects. The 15% figure indicates that each bottle of oil contains 1500mg of CBD and each drop amounts to roughly 7-7.5mg of cannabidiol.

We’ve identified three CBD oil 15% products and outlined their features and benefits. This should help you make an informed decision about which product is best for you. Three distinct products of premium quality have been certified safe for use as an alternative to conventional medicine, due to thorough testing and evaluation for any illegal or hazardous components. The choice of which CBD oil to use is completely up to you. Although it can remain pure, some may prefer to mix it with natural olive oil or turmeric for additional benefits, such as those who have joint pain or seek a particular desired effect.

Most people prefer using CBD oil that is in its most natural form, containing only CBD and nothing else. CBD oil 15% provides a powerful effect while requiring a smaller dosage compared to other products. Generally, users prefer this type of outcome.

People who choose to take CBD oil with a higher concentration tend to feel more relaxed and at peace than those with a lower concentration. It is important to remember not to exceed the recommended dosage of CBD, particularly when first starting out. Taking large doses of CBD oil or having it too frequently can lead to some tummy discomfort, so try taking small amounts and building up your dosage tolerance over time. Doing this will help your body become accustomed to the product.