CBD Crystal: Best CBD Isolates and Crystals

CBD crystals are actually CBD in the purest form and can also be called CBD isolates. CBD crystals are loved for many reasons. Aside from having a variety of uses, they are also free from THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana that gives a “high”. There are many people with a misconception that the CBD oil they are using contains illegal substances. When you use the CBD oil and crystals you get, there is absolutely zero THC in them, and can easily be used without worries.

You have a lot of options when it comes to CBD because it only comes in a white powder form that is tasteless and odorless. You can make teas, mixes, or simply put it in water. It is very common to use CBD oil orally by taking a few drops in your mouth and then spending 1-2 minutes waiting for it to work. You can also add CBD crystals to your vape cartridges. You can find ways to use CBD for cooking as well, so long as the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, we’ve compiled a list of our top five CBD crystals.


Top 3 Best CBD Crystals 2023

  1. Viracan CBD Crystals – 99% Pure CBD isolate
  2. CBG Crystals – 97% CBG / 485mg CBG isolate
  3. Harmony CBD Crystals 500 mg – 99% pure CBD isolate

1. Viracan >99% Pure CBD Crystals

One of the most popular CBD crystals we carry comes from Herbmed. This variety has 99% pure isolate, which is really impressive. In addition, The CBD crystals are free of THC, which is required for them to sell in Sweden. This product is vegan and gluten-free which makes it a really big plus for anyone who might have pre-existing dietary restrictions. They are also lab tested, so they’re the purest they could possibly be. In a very pure and organic way, this CBD powder is made from 100% hemp. It does not have any preservatives or added coloring at all.

You might be curious about what the remaining 1% of content consists of? It consists of cannabidivarin, a substance that is in not psychoactive. Crystals are produced with the use of innovative technology with filtration and cleaning steps that ensure the purity of the crystals. In the end, you as a customer receive a completely white powder. You choose how to consume it. It is best to start with a smaller dose and work your way up over time to find the amount of CBD that works for you. It is also important to know how much CBD you are taking here and keep track of the dosage so it can be adjusted accordingly. It’s recommended that you use a kitchen scale to make sure you’re getting the right amount of CBD crystal powder. This product contains 99% pure CBD isolate, making it a great option for customers. It also has an affordable price point and would make this one of the most popular options on our list.

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2. CBG Crystals (97% / 485mg CBG)

Number two on our list also has a lot of CBD and is 97% pure. It’s not as high as number one on the list but still very impressive. Number two is also very similar to number one, which is why it made it to this list as well. CBD crystals are produced in the same way and contain no THC whatsoever, making it suitable for everyone. One difference is that this CBD crystal contains 3% cannabidivarin, meaning it’s a very pure product. Nordic Oil’s products are the only ones to feature quality manufacturing processes that meet the strict standards for each stage in the process.

CBD Crystals from Nordic Oil are a natural way to be a part of the hemp revolution. These crystals don’t contain any THC, so they’re safe for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of CBD. The lack of terpenes and flavonoids make these crystals perfect for people who don’t like hemp taste.

CBD crystals have a lot of benefits, and it’s clear why more and more people are turning to them. They’re lactose-free and GMO-free, too! There is a translucent patch on the packaging for this type of crystal. You can learn more about the potential dosage, long-term health effects, and where to purchase it from there. CBD crystals are known to be very potent and can have strong effects, so it’s important to start low and increase potency if you’re new to them.

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3. Harmony CBD Crystals 500 mg

The third CBD product on our list is from the brand Harmony, which has cheaper variants that provide many of the same benefits. A can of CBD powder cost around 300 SEK. This contains 99% pure crystals and is one of Harmony’s flagship products. You’ll feel safe knowing the crystals are produced from legal hemp that’s grown in various locations in Europe. Cbd crystals are a great way to gain many of the benefits of CBD without the THC or other harmful substances, so you can experiment with them in any way you would like. All crystals purchased through this company are inspected by a team of certified professionals before they go to retailers. These professionals lab test each product to ensure the highest quality with no impurities.

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Buying guide for CBD crystals

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the purest and most refined form of cannabis extract that you can buy on the market right now. CBD is an ancient and natural source of long-lasting relaxation that has a calming and soothing effect on the human body.

Cannabidiol crystals are said to help with a lot of ailments, including various forms of ADD and ADHD, and even anxiety. They offer the best of both worlds- natural ingredients which are all-natural and safe for your body.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD crystals are not illegal in most countries because they do not contain any trace of the substance which gives you the “high”, it is a chemical compound. Unfortunately, you will need to order them online as they are not sold in any Swedish physical stores.

The law on legal CBD sales in Sweden is currently new, so you may not be able to buy CBD crystals in physical stores or pharmacies. CBD crystals do not contain any forms of THC and are legal for personal use.

First-time users should think of the dosage when buying CBD crystals. CBD is a natural extract that has shown little to no side effects when taken in correct doses. It should be stated on the packaging how much you need to get any desired effect. It is mainly based on your weight and how much effect you want. Using CBD to counteract pain means you have a variety of options based on your needs. You should spread out usage, start with 1 dose and build it up gently at first, and then later increase the dosage as you see fit. Given that CBD crystals are a powder, you can choose how to consume them. You can either put it under your tongue or use it in your baking. Those are two of the most commonly seen methods of consuming this form of CBD product.

CBD Crystals FAQ: Expert Answers to Your Most Common Questions

1. CBD Crystals and Pregnancy: Can you use CBD if you are Pregnant?

Not recommended to take CBD while pregnant or while breastfeeding, there could be side effects. There’s no research on how CBD crystals may affect the fetus or child. It seems best to wait to use them until more information is available.

2. What can CBD crystals be used for?”

“CBD crystals” are mainly recommended for people with severe medical conditions. For example, CBD can be useful in helping to tolerate chronic pain for people who have a for a long time if they are going through physical therapy or have a long-term condition. Cannabis withdrawal can be a difficult experience. Eating CBD edibles or consuming CBD in other forms can help ease the transition and make prepping for it easier. Many doctors suggest CBD crystals for treatment because they believe that it is a natural, safe way to get medical uses of both CBD. They are known to help with injuries and illnesses that are otherwise difficult to alleviate.

3. Can CBD crystals take the place of conventional medications?

There is no easy answer to that, as people can react differently to CBD crystals. However, you might want to research the different ways one can use them and determine the most appropriate method for your needs. For some, CBD has such an effect that it is enough to stop their regular medications. For others, it works more as a diet supplement or as a complement to medications. CBD testing lets you explore what effects CBD has on you and to see if it is having the desired effects. You can start with a low dose and increase or decrease it in order to see what dosage works best for you.

Conclusion about CBD Isolate

CBD crystals are pure CBD isolate and the products we have recommended on our list contain a whopping 97-99% pure CBD. Hemp CBD extract in the form of crystals contains a large amount of cannabidiol (CBD) which has been shown to have numerous health benefits for humans. CBD is a substance that is completely legal to buy, and in recent years has become more prevalent on the market. It is a bit difficult to find CBD at physical stores, but luckily there are many easy ways to purchase it online. CBD crystals (a type of crystalline hemp extract) come in the form of a white powder that has many uses. They are typically mixed in your favorite beverage or over food when preparing meals, but can also be used in various forms such as e-liquid, vape, or either put under your tongue like CBD oil.