What is CBL (Cannabicyclol)

Cannabicyclol (CBL), is a phytocannabinoid that can be found in marijuana. This compound is often found in older cannabis that has been stored long enough to accumulate. CBL is a relatively new compound and can only be found in small quantities. This cannabis strain still requires a lot more research.

CBL is different from other cannabinoids because its atoms are not linked by double bonds. Double bonds give CBL its cerebral effects. CBL does not contain double bonds, so it doesn’t cause psychoactive effects.

Chronic pain sufferers often ask for cannabis strains to help them. One option is the CBL.

Patients with weight loss or other disabilities can use CBL to stimulate their appetite. CBL may also influence the sleep-wake cycle to promote quality sleep. The reduction of inflammation during cancer events and nerve damage can provide pain relief, improving quality of life.

The CBL may also have other potential benefits, such as the elimination of toxic toxins, mood and cognitive enhancement and help in epilepsy and seizures. CBL may be able to treat cancerous tumors and has antiemetic properties.